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The Light Site is a leading supplier of Entertainment Lighting Services to the South Island

If you are looking for professional lighting design, production and rental services, or lighting sales, come and see the team at The Light Site.

We offer a full range of services from small hire through to large scale design and production packages for corporate, conference, theatre and concert markets. We supply lighting, special effects, trussing, staging and draping, and our close ties with key Sound and AV suppliers allow us to co-ordinate these services to suit your needs.

Our knowledgable, friendly and dedicated staff are well equipped to work with you to create a fresh and exciting visual element for your event.

Our technical and design experience, and our commitment to each project ensures consistent high quality results and satisfied clients.

We are distributors for a wide range of quality lighting and theatrical equipment for leading manufacturers including Selecon, Theatrelight, Martin, Strand, Dynalight and carry an extensive stock of consumables including Chris James and Rosco filters. We supply and install equipment for clients ranging from professional theatres to schools to clubs to architectural enhancement projects. We also offer repair and maintenance services from our qualified in house service technician.

For further information, feel free to phone, email or visit us.

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